Jets Steelers Live Feed: Watch New York vs Pittsburgh Video Stream

January 23, 2011

It’s the AFC championship game, folks. I’m lovin’ that today is all about football! We’ve got the Jets, Steelers live feed below after the jump. This is gonna be a good one! Watch the New York vs Pittsburgh video stream right here!

New York JetsPittsburgh Steelers

Eh, so I really thought I’d be writing about the Pats and the Steelers, but sigh, we all know what happened last week, so I’m a bit torn on who I’m rooting for in today’s game.

I’ve never been a fan of the Jets to begin with. I thought I’d give them a chance and decided to watch them throughout Hard Knocks last year. They might have grown on me a little bit, but not enough to win me over. I should be rooting for the Steelers, having lived in Pennsylvania for a few years, but after they beat my Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 2009, I just can’t do it. Yes, my friends, I’m a bit bitter. Don’t even get me started. :)

All right, moving on. What time does the game begin, you ask? 6:30 PM EST. What channel can I watch it on TV? Today’s game is televised on CBS. Surely you know what channel that is in your area, right?

For all those folks stuck in an office on a Sunday and have no access to a TV, have no fear! The Jets, Steelers live feed is here for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, the Jets’ Antonio Cromartie continued with his trash talking this past week. His target this time? Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward.

“I don’t think he’s a dirty player, but I know for a fact that he will hit you while you’re not looking. I don’t think he’s man enough to hit you when you’re looking at him.”

My prediction? I’m gonna go with the Steelers for the win. Come on, Big Ben’s 9-2 postseason record speaks for itself. Recently he was quoted as saying:

“I know that I’m probably never going to win an MVP, probably never going to win a passing title. But that’s not why I play the game. I just go out and try to win football games and try and win championships.”

Check out a video preview of the game below.

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New York JetsPittsburgh Steelers

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7 Responses to “Jets Steelers Live Feed: Watch New York vs Pittsburgh Video Stream”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    Goooo STEELERS!

  2. 2
    619 Says:

    STEELERSWAVE¤º°¨¨°º¤ø¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø „ø¤º°¨¨°º¤º°¨¨°º¤Go`Steelers¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤øø¤º°¨¨°º¤ „ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤º°¨¨°º Lets“ Go Steelers ¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤º°¨¨…°º¤ø 6 Time Superbowl Champions¸„ø¤º°

  3. 3
    Jeanette Says:

    Singing…. black and yellow black and yellow


  4. 4
    angle Says:

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  5. 5
    Joan Says:

    black n yellow black n yellow black n yellow. Too bad the Pack is going to hand them a handful of icy arse whoopin’

  6. 6
    Jen Says:

    Yes, this will be one great faceoff. But the Packers will blow them outta the water! (or ice;) )

  7. 7
    Miriam Says:

    Steelers all the way