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January 24, 2011

We’ve got an NCIS David Dayan Fisher interview that you aren’t going to want to miss. While many of us know him as an expert villain for various roles he plays, Fisher is a celebrity with a passion for dog rescue. But it is with good reason! I got the chance to chat with Mr. Fisher regarding his new book Puppy School and how his history with addiction influenced him to influence others.

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Actor David Dayan Fisher, known for playing villains in NCIS, 24 and more, is just one of many celebrities with a passion for dog rescue. As a way to give back to the animal rescue community, he just partnered with In Defense of Animals (IDA) and will donate a portion of proceeds from sales of his new children’s book, Puppy School, to the legendary animal rights organization. Check out the exclusive interview I had with the actor below.

Danity: It is my pleasure to welcome the extremely talented and handsome David Dayan Fisher! David, we all know that you have mastered playing the role as a villain. We’ve seen you in 24, NCIS, National Treasure and more, but what inspired you to write a book (let alone a children’s book?)

David: “I HAD A DREAM!” I basically had it handed to me in a dream. I love my dogs, all dogs, and prefer them to people. Especially in this wonderful freak show of a town. Yup. That be that. A crystal clear dream that came to me like a movie.

Danity: I know that many people didn’t know that you, a highly successful actor and man with a brave face, had an alcohol problem. And it’s unfortunate that so many celebrities out there don’t realize they have a problem or they have a tough time swallowing their pride to get help. At what point did you come to the realization that you needed to do something to heal yourself? And how do you to this day manage to refrain from the temptations of Hollywood?

David: I got my first dog and he was enough of a catalyst for me to get out of my ungrateful insanity and stop escaping myself. When you see the truth of it all, and see its all quite silly, futile and a total illusion, then there is no need to use anything to cope with the lies of life and or Hollywood. My abuse of drink or drugs was a long standing movement across life to basically cope and hide. I love my clarity. I love my peace of mind. And when I do have a drink I actually can’t stand what it does to me. I ain’t no saint, but far from the fool I was. There is an amazing life to be found if we stop looking in the wrong places.

Danity: I know people are wondering, why puppies? Why did you choose dogs as the core characters of your book?

David: A few hours before the dream, I was out having dinner with some dog park pals. One had their dog with them. Cowboy. He was being rather naughty and I said out loud, “ Your dog needs to go to puppy school.” That name hung in my head for a few moments and I suggested it was a great name for a movie. That night, in my sleep, the dream played out. 95% of the book is exactly like the dream.

Danity: What I love about this book David is the simplicity of the book. Not only does it remind us to be true to ourselves but to be proud of who you are and where you came from. I know you are a very creative individual, but did you ever think that your name would be on the cover of a book as the author?

David: I knew my future would be different as a kid, but had no idea how.

Danity: Can you explain to my readers a little bit about the synopsis of Puppy School?

David: Monkey, a mutt, wants to go to Puppy School. He is ridiculed by his mum and siblings. Only pedigrees are allowed. Through smart he manages to get in. A pedigree finds out his secret and they become pals. After an incident one gets sent to Muttly Manner, a kind of prison for bad dogs. This is where the second layer of the adventurous journey for our two pups from both sides of the tracks really takes off. Friendship, determination and equality. The world of pedigrees and mutts will never be the same again.

Danity: I know many people are wondering how long the book writing process takes? To brainstorm, write the book, publish, etc?

David: The story took me no time at all. Like I said, it was handed to me in a dream. The editing and re writing took a while. The illustrations and cover design working with an artist also took time. All in all it was about a year. There was also many refusals from publishers so I set up my own name and did it myself. An amazing creative process.

Danity: Will there be a follow up to Puppy School or another book in the works?

David: There is an idea. Set in Hollywoof. With a detective agency called the Dogs nose knows. That is formed but awaiting attention. A short story called Oakley and the Grump about a grumpy old man and a wise oak tree. . I have scripts I am polishing also. We shall see. Puppy School is The story of a dream that became a reality. The final destination is for it to be on the big screen. This is also being looked at. Making dreams come true is my life.

Danity: Thank you so much David for your time and for writing this book. I know when I read the book I was inspired and I feel this is such a good message to spread to children and big kids alike!

Puppy School is available in stores now! Check out more on NCIS actor David Dayan Fisher here and here.

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