Rihanna Has Legs of a Goddess

June 11, 2007

Venus Breeze has named Rihanna as “The Celebrity with the Best Legs”. Here is the “Umbrella” singer posing when she was named 2007 “Celebrity Legs Of A Goddess” in New York City. The starvation diet and strength training are working for her… ok, she’s got really toned and shapely legs. She deserves the award… but I think this prize is given to the famous celebrities of the moment… or maybe it’s given to the celebrity who can pay for it… like Mimi.

“I’m thrilled that Venus Breeze thinks my legs are award-worthy and I’m excited to kick off the search for the woman with the best legs in America. This contest is a fun way for women to showcase confidence, charisma and gorgeous legs on the runway.”


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