Rob Kardashian In Playgirl?

January 19, 2011

It looks like there could be another Kardashian getting ready to bare it all but it isn’t one of those crazy girls this time. Nope apparently an offer has gone out to Rob Kardashian to pose in Playgirl, so is he going to do it? You can learn more about the offer plus check out some pictures of Rob when you keep reading.

Rob Kardashian

Yes my friends you could very well be seeing Rob Kardashian in Playgirl. A rep for the magazine has confirmed that a $45,000 offer has been offered to the only Kardashian man to bare it all for them. The rep stated that Rob is a perfect example of the type of guy they want in their publication.

So will Rob take it all off for the infamous magazine, well that remains to be seen. However given that his older sister Kim showed her stuff in Hef’s magazine there is a good chance he will say yes. Plus let’s face it if he ever wants to get out of the shadows of his over the top fame seeking loving sisters he is going to need to make a bold move.

There was speculation at one point that the publication might want Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott Disick, eww gross, but thankfully they decided Rob was the better choice. Um yeah hello Rob is hot and Scott is disgusting. They will sell way more magazines with Kardashian than Disick.

I will probably get in trouble for saying this but I for one hope that Rob Kardashian poses in Playgirl. The 23 year old is a little hottie and I bet he looks really good sans clothes. I want to know what you think about another Kardashian taking it off for everyone to see. Do you think Rob is a good choice and do you think he will even do it? Share your thoughts with me.

Rob Kardashian PhotoRob Kardashian 3Rob Kardashian 4Rob Kardashian 5

Photos: Worth/RK/Faye Sadou/Patricia Schlein/dimitri Halkidis

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3 Responses to “Rob Kardashian In Playgirl?”

  1. 1
    Bonnie Says:

    Ummm Hell Yeah Rob should pose. I’ve never bought a PG Mag before but if his fine little body is in it, I will Definitly buy it… Could they make it in poster form????????

  2. 2
    Jen Says:

    Um ewwwww! i dont get PG

  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    Me neither Jen, LOL