Kim Richards: Rehab Stay After Blowout!

January 21, 2011

When the sister joined “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” we knew drama would come. After a crazy party with a blowout, Kim Richards went to rehab. Want all the juicy details, with more photos and videos? Keep reading below!

Kim Richards  1

The finales of “Housewives” are always packed full of entertainment and this one was no different. All of the women were together to celebrate Taylor Armstrong’s 39th birthday, when the alcohol kicked in and the fighting began!

The argument was initially between the birthday girl Taylor and the 46 year old reality TV star. Soon her sister Kyle and Kim Richards got into a sibling spat that you can check out here! After much drinking at the birthday party, Kyle said:

“You are a liar, and sick, and alcoholic. You are an alcoholic. That’s right. I said it and everybody knows.”

Don’t think she just took it lying down though! She fought back saying her sister was jealous of the men she was dating. After a storm out, the fight continued in the limo where more screaming and tears followed. After this all went down, the family decided that she needed help and checked her into a rehab center.

“Kim’s family checked her into rehab . . . A week later, she checked herself out. She is taking her life one day at a time.”

We haven’t heard much from th ealleged “alcoholic” since the incident and are hoping that she is getting some help. After the insane night, some of the ladies from the show, Kyle in particular, were nervous about seeing it on the finale. Hopefully all the women will learn a little something after seeing the episode and how they acted!

What do you think about the fight and Kim Richard’s rehab stint initiated by her family? What did you think of the finale? I want to hear all your thoughts on this after you enjoy these pictures and videos.

Kim Richards  2 Kim Richards  3 Kim Richards  4 Kim Richards  5 Kim Richards  6 Kim Richards  7

Photos: Schlein, Nikki Nelson, Josiah True, The Media Circuit

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24 Responses to “Kim Richards: Rehab Stay After Blowout!”

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  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    Get out the claws!

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:


  3. 3
    Sarah Says:

    So much drama! LOL!

  4. 4
    rhiannon Says:

    I realize that Kyle is tired of worrying about Kim, however humiliating Kim in front of her friends, and abusing her over her alcoholism will not help Kim. Kyle has to stop and realize that her attack on Kim probably led Kim to head home and hit the bottle, thus her week stay in rehab. I actually feel sorry for Kim, and I think Kyle needs professional help regarding her verbal abuse on Kim.

  5. 5
    brandiberry Says:

    I have been watching the show-I constantly feel bad for Kim -KIM, I ADORE HER…I wish she had a better sister that could be a bit QUIETER AND PRIVATE-she just SHREDS the sister that supported her, so sad that they’re fighting unless it’s for ‘show’ only..which I doubt by the looks on Kim’s face time and again…Kim has class. Her sister, while I applaud SOME of her behavior (I like outspoken strong women but….she is hurting her own sister) is VERY VOCIFEROUS (obnox crazy), KIM is the OPPOSITE-alone, quiet, into her kids and not into parties, which I relate to a bit…there’s sibling rivalry and it appears Kim want’s nothing to do w/this, regardless of the being called (in public no less, yelled at constantly, ganged up on etc…)..End line, I think Kim did the show to make some money to support her family and revive her career…Her sister just seems a bit overboard nutty…and this is coming from someone who is loud, but with class…KIM I LOVE YA GIRL HANG IN THERE AND DONT GIVE IN TO THE PEOPLE WHO BRING YOU DOWN ON THIS SHOW…I also adore Lisa and Taylor (but T. needs self esteem class)!!!

  6. 6
    ladyhawkfan Says:

    With only tidbits of shows and encounters with the sisters I will hold any judgements. As to which is the worst behaved and insecure sister, I’d have to say some of the things that Kim has done since the show started have been bizarre. I would have to think there are mental issues just by some of the things she has said and done. That said, it’s still vague and time will tell what is the true story.

  7. 7
    Beckie Evans Says:

    I agree with Brandiberry…..Kyle is constantly on Kim for things that Kim
    does not really recognize. I beleieve Kim
    tries to stay quiet because she has been jerked around by her sister. She looks as
    though she is nervous and ready to jump out
    of her skin. I don’t drink but I do understand
    how she would be nervous. Kyle needs to remember that Kim is the one that took care of
    her when she was much younger. Try a little
    tenderness for her sister,Kim.

  8. 8
    Beckie Evans Says:

    I think Kyle needs to get off her throne
    and take a look after herself. She never owns up to anything wrong.I would like to see Kyle brought down a notch or two. Kim you need to stay away from the whole crowd. The only ones that seem genuine and true are Adrienne and Lisa. All the other women seem to have a ‘ I
    can do no wrong personality. (So fake.)

  9. 9
    Jen Says:

    Kim didn’t have the luxury that her sisters had growing up. A real social life. She missed a lot. I don’t get the whole big “You didn’t have my back” thing. Why didn’t she just say what she knew and get it over with? My sister and I may fight and fuss, but NO ONE steps in. We would never intentionally put out private information about the other. Kyle needs to realize she is not the be all and end all. Stop running Kim and let her do it herself. Sadly, THIS is what you get in Hollywood. Disfunctional people. Hey hollyweirdos, if you dont believe it, take a look at all around you.

  10. 10
    anglevs Says:

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