Pippa Bryan: Emily Procter’s Baby Daughter

January 20, 2011

Introducing Pippa Bryan, the beautiful Emily Procter’s baby daughter. Isn’t she just a precious little gem? Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video right here!

Emily Procter Baby Daughter

This little lady is sure to be an angel! I’m sure her tiny little toes look just as cute as this picture, (if not cuter)…and can you imagine that sweet little face? Like that of a doll! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

In terms of a biography, not much is known about this little sweetheart, except she is Emily Procter’s baby daughter who they named Pippa Bryan. Reportedly born early December, you can bet she was welcomed into this world with open arms, to new and excited parents, CSI: Miami star and her musician boyfriend Paul Bryan.

The actress just returned to work, yesterday, ready to get back into the swing of things. In fact, she says that she is happy to be back, not only because it’s her first day back on set, but also her co-star, Adam Rodriguez’s first day at making his directing debut! Emily says, “I felt like he genuinely wanted me to have a healthy baby. He wanted me to be happy, and I wish the same for him. I think that’s what you get after nine years together. It’s that genuine want for each other to be happy.”

In turn, Adam is thrilled for Procter, and their newest addition:

“We’re so happy for Emily. This is something I know she’s wanted for a long time. She’s got the right guy in her life and it was the right time for her, and it’s so great when you get to see somebody be able to have it all. She’s just really got it all together.”

The CSI: Miami star’s pregnancy was not a part of its 9th season and will reportedly be written out for a week upon returning to its March 13th episode called “Hunting Ground”. This, you will not want to miss!

Congratulations to the proud new parents, Pippa Bryan, Emily Procter’s baby daughter, and the entire family with their tiny blessing! You may leave your congrats in the comment box and also see photos and a video clip below!

Emily Procter Baby Daughter Photo 1
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Photos: www.wenn.com/PNP/Ray Filmano

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4 Responses to “Pippa Bryan: Emily Procter’s Baby Daughter”

  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    Congrats to the new parents

  2. 2
    Jen Says:

    I love her! Congrats!

  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    What a great news, congrats

  4. 4
    Natalia Says:

    Great!She is sooo sweet, and those tiny feet so cute(even though it could be just any baby’s feet…):)