Octomom Sex Tape: Nadya Suleman Spanking Video Shocks

January 18, 2011

Brace yourselves my friends there is an Octomom sex tape, which is basically the mother of 14 children in a fetish porno, that has actual footage that has been shot, the photos have surfaced already. I know there are no words when something as ridiculous as Nadya Suleman’s spanking video makes headlines. If you haven’t heard about this my friends keep reading for more details that will no doubt shock and probably disgust you as well.


It is no secret that she has an addiction to babies but a video of Nadya Suleman spanking a very hairy grown man dressed up as a baby, or Octomom sex tape as some call it, is just so unnecessary. I know it is shocking and disturbing all at the same time, kind of like Nayda herself.

You won’t believe what I tell you unless you click here to see the pictures thanks to our friends at TMZ, who actually broke the story. If the image of Suleman wearing a black corset and holding a whip wasn’t bad enough pictures of her actually whipping the man baby were way more than I needed to see. Seriously the guy is dressed in a baby bonnet and diapers holding a rattle, wtf!.

So who is the guy in the question that doesn’t mind being the subject of the dominatrix Nayda? Well he is apparently a LA radio personality named Tattoo. The shoot took place in Suleman’s house that she shares with her children and as you can tell from the pictures it is literally shot all over her house. There is no word on when or who is actually releasing the footage but if you recall Vivid Entertainment has offered to help the financially challenged mom so I am willing to bet they have something to do with this.

I get that people have their corks or fetishes or whatever but I think that Nadya Suleman spanking an over grown baby is just not right. I mean is there really going to be an Octomom sex tape video released based on this crap? I sure hope not but that is just my opinion let me know what you think on this rather bizarre topic.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/RHS

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3 Responses to “Octomom Sex Tape: Nadya Suleman Spanking Video Shocks”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    She needs a good spanking herself!

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    Jen Says:


  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    scary lady