Christina Hendricks Playboy Photos Interest Men Everywhere

January 13, 2011

A little blast from the past! Mad Men star Christina Hendricks Playboy photos interest men everywhere! More than a decade ago, the red-headed bombshell was under-dressed to impress. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here!

Christina Hendricks 1

Who’s mad about fiery red-head Christina Hendricks? She’s been exposed! Not sayin’ that’s a bad thing, she is looking red hot!!! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

There’s no clowning around when you get a glimpse of Christina Hendricks Playboy photos that have recently resurfaced. In the 1999 Playboy spread featuring the Mad Men star, she is seen wearing “a choppy platinum wig, wearing red lips and nails, and a silver string bikini.” Portraying one of the three fair maidens, she is also seen straddling a very tan male in a speedo who is bottle-fed a red test tube, back when “shooter” cocktails were the a hot commodity.

So why now? Well, quite simple. Playboy magazine brought her back with a “Tuesday Trivia” question with the following tweet:

Q: “Who is the famous actress in this photo from the July 1999 issue?”

A: “For those who guessed Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, way to go! She’s on the right and helped illustrate an article on summer shooters.”

Now that we all know, it’s no wonder Christina Hendricks Playboy photos interest men everywhere! She is a natural beauty with a talent that goes unnoticed!

Mad about the Mad men star? Tell us why in the comment box below after you check out her pictures right here! They may be strange, but oddly interesting!

Be sure to check out more photos of the beautiful and talented actress and see a video clip, Christina Hendricks’ Playboy Past!

Christina Hendricks Photo 1Christina Hendricks Picture 2Christina Henricks Photo 3Christina Hendricks Picture 4Christina Hendricks Photo 5
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Photos: Nikolov/FayesVision/Apega/Judy Eddy

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