Cheryl Hines is a Hot “Waitress” (Photos)

June 10, 2007

The Waitress is a new well-received movie starring Cheryl Hines, Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Jeremy Sisto, and Andy Griffith.

Ebert and Roper give it two thumbs up, and we give two thumbs up to saucy Cheryl Hines. See her photos below including some eyebrow-raising pictures just a little too close to party girl Lindsay Lohan.

In the movie, Cheryl plays “Becky,” a waitress and co-worker of “Jenna” (played by Keri Russell) in Fox Searchlight’s film, which hit the theaters on May 2nd. Jenna is a poor waitress in the south, stuck in a bad marriage with a controlling man (Earl, played by Jeremy Sisto). She works in Joe’s Pie Diner with Becky where she create a unique pie of the day based on her unique life experiences, such as the “I don’t want Earl’s baby” pie.

Here is a video of Cheryl talking about being a waitress. She actually was a waitress before becoming a star Hollywood actress.

Video of Cheryl Hines discussing Waitress

She is also an expert celebrity poker player. She was married to Paul Young, Chairman of L.A.’s Groundlings Theater, in 2002, and they have a 3-year old daughter named Catherine Rose.

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