Penny Lancaster Pregnant: Rod Stewart’s Wife, Baby Mama

January 14, 2011

What a great looking momma to be! Penny Lancaster’s pregnant and she is stunning as she walks around town. We just saw Rod Stewart’s wife walking around with him in LA and they looked so happy. Get more about their upcoming baby, with more photos and videos below.

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The exciting news broke in August and now she has about a month to go. This is the musician’s eighth child and the couple’s second together. I can’t wait to see their little one soon!

After the troubles they have had trying to conceive it seems like they are happy that Penny Lancaster is pregnant. Don’t miss the photo collection below showing Rod Stewart’s wife’s tummy and their happy faces. She sure hasn’t stop focusing on great fashion as she is still stunning us with how fantastic she looks!

The couple’s 5 year old son will now get to be a big brother and the couple released this statement when they news broke:

“We were thrilled and delighted to be able to tell Alastair that he was going to be the big brother to a little baby, expected just before Mummy’s 40th birthday.”

The baby will come right around her 40th birthday with her husband who just turned 66 on Monday. What exciting news, even if it will be a lot of work! I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl and what they will name it?! Congratulations to the lucky parents.

What do you think about the couple having another baby at their age? Pregnant Penny Lancaster looks great, but is Rod Stewart’s wife ready for another baby? 18 years or so of looking after a child is a lot of work, even when you are young. Tell me what you think about this pregnancy after you enjoy these pictures and videos.

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Photos: Wright, FayesVision, Jonny Forsyth

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