Taylor Swift: Back to December (Video)

January 14, 2011

The music video for Taylor Swift’s new single Back to December has finally been released and it’s pretty clear the song is about her much publicized relationship and breakup with Twilight star Taylor Lautner. While the couple only dated for a fiery couple of months in 2009, the relationship obviously left an impression on the 21 year old singer. Check out her newest video, plus more details and pictures of the singer below!

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Known for her light-heated and often bubbly music videos, this newest melancholy theme is certainly a break from the norm. She told MTV late last year that this is the first time she felt she needed to apologize through one of her songs.

“I’ve never felt the need to apologize in a song before, but in the last two years I’ve experienced a lot, [including] a lot of different kinds of learning lessons,” she said. “And sometimes you learn a lesson too late and at that point you need to apologize because you were careless. This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship. And I was really careless with him.”

Obviously not afraid of expressing her feelings, Taylor Swift’s Back to December video certainly seems to be an apology to Lautner, but the singer won’t confirm that. If you watch the video, the end makes it pretty clear that the young singer might be hoping to reunite with the Twilight star, represented by dreamy model Guntars Asmanis, in the future! However, Lautner may not be quite ready to get close any time soon. When asked what he thought about being the subject of one of her songs, Lautner seemed a little skittish.

“That’s a scary thing,” he said. “I don’t know if she has. I have no idea.”

No stranger to letter out her anger at someone who’s offended her in her music, this may be the first time she’s let out her regret. What do you think of Taylor Swift’s newest music video? Is Back to December really an apology to Lautner? Check out her newest video below and let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Adriana M. Barraza, Nikki Nelson

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    Sandy Says:

    I love Back to December! Luv Taylor!