Angelina Jolie in Marie Claire – and headed to Africa!

June 10, 2007

Beautiful pictures of Angelina Jolie in Marie Claire, which was the same magazine interview where talks about how it’s easier to talk to open up and talk to Brad while they’re in the tub, naked together! The issue hits stands this Tuesday, June 12th.

An Angelina Jolie fan blog has reported that Brad and Angelina may return to Africa for six months to concentrate solely on her children.

Angelina reportedly told the UK Daily Mirror that the greatest education she and Brad Pitt can give their children is to keep them traveling internationally so they learn and understand tolerance about the beauty of other cultures.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that she adopts the kids that really need the help, but what’s wrong with having the kids (especially the kids who are from other countries) learn about the great country in which they are now living? America is not all Hollywood, so perhaps it would be beneficial for the kids to see the plight of rural America or the poverty of the inner city?

Or maybe this trip is an opportunity to meet and become acquainted with another soon-to-be sibling?

See pictures at Just Jared via In Case You Didn’t Know.

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