Amanda Beard does Playboy (Photos)

June 8, 2007

Former Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard has always been comfortable in bikini swimsuits, but she has never taken this much clothing off before. See the photos. Sexy Amanda Beard did a nude pictorial for Playboy magazine’s July 2007 issue.

We just love when celebrities make naked fashion statements.

First for your television viewing pleasure, here is the video of Amanda Beard getting interviewed by David Letterman, talking about her gold medals and her world record breasts, umm, I mean breast stroke. Everyone loves celebrity Playboy bunnies and this one is hilarious so watch the entire thing.

Amanda Beard Video Interview

We know the pictures are what you want, so you can explore an entire universe below.

You can find her hot Playboy pics but these ones are tastefully edited for a family audience.

You can find unedited Amanda Beard pictures by doing this search but we will leave you on your own.

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