John Daly’s Wife Sherrie in the Bedroom with a Knife (Photos)

June 8, 2007

Here are photos of Sherrie Daly, wife of the lovable golfing oaf John Daly, who claims she attacked him with a streak knife in their bedroom while he was sleeping it off. With John Daly’s gut, she might have mistook him for a pork roast, but that is probably a weak defense to make in court. Throw the cook book at her, judge.

He filed a complaint against Sherrie Daly with the local authorities in Tennessee, after which he showed up with red marks on his cheeks to play in a golf tournament. The red marks could have been tomato sauce but we’ll leave such speculation to the experts.

Apparently they couldn’t find the knife in question which we believe was lost somewhere in his underwear. However we doubt the sensational rumor that he asked her for a fork and spoon as well.

Sherrie has been in trouble with the law before for an illegal gambling operation and involvement in a drug ring. John Daly is an alcoholic, so perhaps they are a fitting couple.

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