Erika Ervin: Amazon Eve World’s Tallest Model (Photos)

December 29, 2010

Have you seen or heard about Erika Ervin, a.k.a Amazon Eve who is the world’s tallest model? Let me just say this the chick is not only gorgeous but she is freaking tall and you may just get to see all of her soon! Learn all about Erika as well as check out pictures and a video.


UPDATE: 2-8-2011
Will the world get to see Amazon Eve in Playboy? Well that is apparently up to the one and only Hugh Hefner now. Erika Ervin, her real name, has admitted she would take it all off for infamous girlie magazine. In fact she said Playboy is the only mag she would pose nude for because Hef does things tastefully. This revelation came about after Erika participated in a fundraiser last week with some of the famous bunnies at the mansion.

Keep reading to learn more about Ervin from the original post as well as check out an awesome video.

She stands 6 feet 8 inches or 6 feet 9 inches depending on which report you believe but either way that is one tall lady. She is considered the tallest model in the world and boy can she rock a bikini. Wow I mean it is normal for models to be tall but holy tallness huh.

The 31 year old beauty hails from Turlock, California, and her life changed last year when a magazine put her on the cover in a bikini and literally turned her into an overnight sensation. She has been modeling and acting all over since then. She credits her height and her good looks to her Dutch and German heritage. I guess she can contribute her size 14 shoe size to that heritage too, check out pictures of Erika here.

You would think that with a blossoming modeling and acting career Ervin wouldn’t have time for anything else but low and behold the bombshell also wrestles men for money. Oh yes you read it correctly for a mere $400 an hour she will wrestle men. I know it sounds crazy but it is true.

Her name may be Erika Ervin but you can call her Amazon Eve and she is the world’s tallest model. There really isn’t a whole lot else we know about her yet but I have a feeling Ms. Ervin is going to be around for a while so that should be changing.

Let me know your thoughts on this beautiful lady.


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10 Responses to “Erika Ervin: Amazon Eve World’s Tallest Model (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    That is one tall drink of water!

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    Size 14 shoe? OMG!

  3. 3
    Amazon Andy Says:

    “She” used to really be a “He”. Google her real name.

  4. 4
    NotBob Says:

    With a little nip here, and a tuck there, he becomes the world’s tallest “female” model, who happens to like wrestling with men for money. He moves like a man trying to appear to be female. It’s obvious, even without googling his real name.

  5. 5
    Tim S Says:

    Google and all the other search engine are proof a LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing. The Erika Ervin listed as a “trans-gendered” person is not the same person. the “tranny” is 42, and Amazon Eve is in her early 30’s. I came across a photo that proves this woman is a female-born. Try something boys and girls: Look at one of your hands. Men will see their ring finger is longer than their index finger. Women will see the opposite. The photo I came across plainly showed her left hand in clear detail, and her ring finger is shorter than her index finger. Contrary to popular myth/belief, body and/or bone structure and/or the existance of an “Adam’s Apple” is not proof. The finger measurement however, is scientific and medical fact. Eve is female through and through….
    And… gender reassignment surgery does NOT shorten a finger….

  6. 6
    Jerry Bender Says:

    Yep, she was a he alright. Check out the You Tube shorts of the film Trans/Formed made in 2007, a documentary about transgenders. You’ll see Eve as a she and a he. Oh, and she really is 42, not 30 something. She had surgery in Thailand and officially became a woman with a new birth certificate issued by a judge right here in California. Name used to be William. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t know why she bothers to hide it. They did a damn good job on her!

  7. 7
    JennSwish Says:

    Hey, I think I went to high school with her, but her name was Bill Pilger. I checked out my ’86 yearbook and they have to be the same person!?! WOW

  8. 8
    KJoe Says:

    You bigots and f**king Nazi’s!! Brand her with the scarlet TS, why not a gold star or pink triangle!? I’m a female to male (F2M) transsexual and seeing what your doing to her is disgusting. Do you think she would be a model if she wore that scarlet letter? Do you think she would have won the Guinness Book award if she had that branded on her!?

    #1. She isn’t hiding anything, nor are you entitled to know her medical history. Jerry Bender you can’t by inference accuser her a lying nor hiding anything when its common for people to keep their medical histories private. Private doesn’t mean hiding it.

    #2. If Amazon Eve is a M2F transsexual she has stated that her birth certificate says female. I would also believe that she was also this way from birth given this is a birth condition. SHE IS FEMALE FROM BIRTH. Sure you can change your birth certificate, but it isn’t an argument to abrogate the fact. Any legal document can be changed it still must reflect the truth of the matter.

    #3. JennSwish Your clearly following the cue of her cousin’s hateful post. The most hurtful and demeaning thing you can do to us is show us our before pictures. Can’t resist the titillation can you? Call us Tranny or any cruel derivation thereof. Remind us the pain and devalue us by using improper pronouns.

    I never transitioned to be a transsexual I transitioned because I’m a man born with a birth defect. The rest of you are sick and evil.

  9. 9
    JennSwish Says:

    All I said was I think I went to high school with her. If anything, what you’re writting is hate speech and you’re just trying to bully, attack and harass people into staying quiet by calling them horrible names. If you want a name, try William Ervin Pilger. There’s an article in the London Daily Mail that talks about her accomplishments and her transition to Erika Ervin.

  10. 10
    MistaP Says:

    Jenn, Calling you on your hate speech or anyone elses hate speech isn’t hate speech–just your argument derailment 101 tactics. Not buying it.