Suck It Up Cry Baby! Paris is going Back!!!

June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton just couldn’t restrain from crying as the authorities hauled her away to her hearing in handcuffs! This mornings hearing has been a media circus, since the press got wind of a motion filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney to have her sent back!

And ironically, as I write this, it has been officially announced!!!! PARIS HILTON HAS BEEN ORDERED BACK TO JAIL!!! Apparently, she had to be practically dragged out of the courtroom by a female deputy, screaming, “Mom! Mom! Mom!”

She will get credit for the 5 days she has already served!

Ha! Ha bitch! The first time in your life you’ve ever had to take responsibility for your idiocy! Hope you didn’t celebrate too hard yesterday! Daddy’s money can’t buy everything, can it!

And by the way Paris sweetie, going to court in your sweat pants and sweatshirt isn’t the best way to stay in the judge’s good graces. Are you trying to play the courthouse invalid as Michael Jackson did?

I really hope she has to redo the entire booking process, including the body cavity search.

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4 Responses to “Suck It Up Cry Baby! Paris is going Back!!!”

  1. 1
    TexasFred Says:

    FOX News said she was shaking, she twitching, she quivering…

    She might need another line of COKE… :?

  2. 2
    beth Says:

    I’m surprised the new mugshots haven’t come out yet! lol

  3. 3
    Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Paris Hilton Ordered Back to Jail Screaming for her Mama…

    Paris Hilton has been ordered back to jail following her surprising release from jail yesterday.
    Apparently, when the judge remanded her back to jail she had to be dragged out of the court while she was crying, screaming and begging for her mother. So …

  4. 4
    Robert G Says:

    And bravo to the judge for crediting her the time she already served.

    Really, with a track record like hers (born into extreme fortune, fame for nothing, banging the first big boy she meets, partying and kidding around when she’s not sleeping, protection we can only dream about, spending in one second what two or more average people make in a year before taxes, and a monumental ego), did she honestly expect the hoi polloi to feel a modicum of sympathy?

    Let her serve her full 45 days. Then let’s see how well she does living by our rules.