Demi Lovato sex tape video

December 16, 2010

Is there a sex tape video featuring Demi Lovato? Yep, that’s the latest. After the Lovato racy photos were released yesterday via the web, you would have thought that the knife has been twisted. And how could we forget about the alleged cocaine video? Wow, I guess things could get a lot worse for the Disney pop princess with the reveal of racy footage of the star engaging in sexual exploits! We’ve got the details on the tape and some photos here for you to check out!

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While of course we won’t post a sex tape video here, especially one of Demi Lovato, we do have the details on the alleged tape. After Demi’s foxy pictures were released via the web this week already, the public and insiders have been talking. But what could be the biggest bombshell yet to be dropped is a scandalous freak nasty tape that allegedly involves Demi and random dudes. Yes, I say “dudes” as in the plural form, which could mean that there is more than one tape out there.

X17 Online is reporting that it was in early August 2010 that a source was working at Demi’s concert and reveals that there could have been some funny business going on. Demi’s uncle Francisco Lovato was the man in charge, serving as a chaperone to the then under 18 pop princess. When the source attempted to get access to Demi’s tour bus, Francisco claims she was “busy”. Fair enough. But, what was really happening on that bus?

An additional source told the website that Demi was allegedly engaging in extracurricular sexual activity on her tour bus. The source said that Demi would “always kick people off the bus so she could bring random dudes on board and get nasty with them.”

And of course being the not-so-smart celebrity that she is, she was indeed “no stranger to filming her sexual exploits.” So when was the alleged footage shot? The source was unsure, but nevertheless Vivid Entertainment or another adult entertainment distributor could release the tape soon.

In case you missed out on the racy photos, we’ve got them here for you dirty pervs to check out.

A rep for Lovato has responded to the sex tape claim saying, “Perpetrating these completely unfounded rumors from supposed sources while Demi is in treatment dealing with serious physical and emotional issues is disgusting. The sourcing on this [X17Online] report is so spotty that it is hard to fully respond. For instance, Francisco Lovato is the brother of Demi’s estranged father. He never traveled on the tour, and certainly didn’t serve as some sort of chaperone. We would ask serious news outlets to strongly consider the source of this story.”

A public relations rep’s job is to protect their client. But the question is, is there a sex tape of Demi Lovato in existence? And does it really matter? And whatever happened to this sweet Disney idol?

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5 Responses to “Demi Lovato sex tape video”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    Wow, what ever happened to the sweet Demi Lovato that we all used to think we knew? Hmph.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    The Disney girls seem to have a very naughty side.

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    I would have never thought of Demi Lovato to end up like this.

  4. 4
    Miriam Says:

    Nobody did Sarah, so sad

  5. 5
    Ryan Says:

    lol like this is any of this is any shock what so ever.