Richie Sambora’s Been Using the Bad Medicine…

June 7, 2007

Which is why the Bon Jovi guitarist has made a decision to enter rehab, as per People magazine. Reps for Sambora are not disclosing which treatment center, but wouldn’t it be great if he ended up at Malibu with Lindsay Lohan? There is also no mention on what addictions Richie is seeking help for, although coke and booze always seems to be the choice for rock musicians.

Richie’s checking into a rehab facility would certainly lend more clarity to he and Denise Richards breakup, which happened couple of months ago. Or perhaps that was what pushed him over the edge. Not only the break up, but he and Heather Locklear’s divorce was finalized in April, the same month his father died of lung cancer.

If this affects Bon Jovi’s upcoming tour, there are millions of butt-rockers hanging their mullet-clad mellons in despair at this very moment.

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