Jets Coach Trips Player (VIDEO): Assistant Sal Alosi Suspended

December 13, 2010

Jets coach trips player (video below), and earns a suspension. Assistant coach, and strength trainer Sal Alosi admitted to the unsportsmanlike move after the game. See the unbelievable video here.

In a play that looks more like something out of a game of sandlot football, a member of the opposing team’s coaching staff actually pokes out his knee to trip up a player in full stride. It was pretty subtle, but definitely enough to throw off his balance, and cause a pretty nasty fall.

Miami cornerback Nolan Carroll even laid on his back in obvious pain for a minute or two after the play. While many on the field didn’t immediately notice the incident, it was cleared up afterwards by Sal Alosi who actually owned up to it, calling it a “mistake” and a “total lapse in judgment.”

Carroll took the high road when questioned by the media about the low blow. He said that he did feel contact before the fall, but mentioned that he would have to review the tape to see what actually happened.

The incident has now gone viral online, and is being called the ‘Jets Coach Trips Player Video.’

The Jets have apparently decided to suspend the guy for the remainder of the season. I’m going to go ahead and guess that he is donezo after that.

No offense Jets fans, but you guys already have enough problems this season. The last thing you need is a d-bag tripping guys on the sideline. It’s not something the NFL needs right now either. There have been some nasty hits this year, and a whole host of arrests—this just doesn’t look good.

The game was an ugly one, with a pretty sad offensive showing. Even though the Dolphins came out on top, they only put up 30 yards passing. At least their coaches behaved themselves.

Check out the ‘Jets Coach Trips Player Video’ below. Your thoughts?

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6 Responses to “Jets Coach Trips Player (VIDEO): Assistant Sal Alosi Suspended”

  1. 1
    Jeffrey Cakes Says:

    This guy is a real low life piece of CHIT! This A Hole better watch his back next time he is in Miami!! Someone may take a ball bat to this worthless effers knees. See You in MIAMI Sal Alosi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Dennis Volz Says:

    The player was WAY out of bounds when the ‘tripping’ occurred. Wasn’t like the coach stepped onto the field and took him out. Sheeesh. Big Deal!

  3. 3
    Stacy Says:

    Dude that’s cheap! As a coach you have to set an example

  4. 4
    Danity Says:

    Geez! That’s just poor sportsmanship!

  5. 5
    Jeanette Says:

    What is wrong with people nowadays? Sheesh!

  6. 6
    Miriam Says:

    I have no Idea!