Wednesday Gossip-Fest!! ♥ [June 6] ♥

June 6, 2007

Latest National Enquirer Cover ► Celebrity Smack ◄

Sexy pics of Kylie Minogue ► Stockings -Celebs ◄

When Celebrities nurse in Public ► Gone Hollywood ◄

G.A.Y Fan is Enrique Iglesias “Hero” (video) ►TMZ◄

Kim Kardashian : Doody Bubble ► Dlisted◄

Paris Hilton visited by Psychiatrist and Lawyer ►Into Gossip

Nicole Richie stupid disguise►Celebrity Dirty Laundry◄

Victoria Beckham “Women Of The Year” ►Celeb Warship◄

Keanu Reeves Loves his fans ►Celebrity Puke◄

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