Miley Cyrus: Controversial Video Sparks Salvia Ban

December 11, 2010

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Miley Cyrus smoking salvia (allegedly) out of a bong. Even though the substance is currently legal to possess in California the incident has stirred up a heated debate – do state and federal governments need to push for an “outright ban”? Get the scoop below.

I expected this to happen from the moment I watched the now infamous ‘Miley Cyrus Bong Video’. In fact this is probably the chance that CA State Assemblyman Anthony Adams has been waiting for to push his failed bill from 2007 to outlaw the drug back into the spotlight.

According to Perez Hilton, Adams called the Disney starlet irresponsible for using the substance. Why? Because he claims it can cause a person to do “incredibly crazy things”. Also, he elaborated further by saying the starlet’s young fan base might “emulate her behavior”.

Parents across the globe are also concerned about Miley’s influence over their children. As you may recall this isn’t the ‘Party in the USA’ singers first scandal. Some are questioning (TMZ) if Cyrus is a L.I.T. – Lindsay in Training… What do you think?

Another concerned parent is her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. After seeing the video of his daughter partaking in the partakeables yesterday he voiced his concern via Twitter. He wrote, “I’m so sad”.

If Miley was indeed smoking Salvia is it a big deal – yes or no? Also, do you think she is a good influence for kids? Share your answers with us along with anything else that’s on your mind in the comment section.

In other news – Miley is set to star alongside Kelly Osbourne in the upcoming movie ‘So Undercover’. Find out more at Monsters & Critics.

Watch the controversial Miley Cyrus video in its entirety here.

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73 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Controversial Video Sparks Salvia Ban”

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  1. 51
    Susan Says:

    I love Miley’s music but I can’t stand her as a whole. I think she is a horrible influence on the big fan base that she has. If she wants to act like that then she needs to get the hell off of Disney Channel.

  2. 52
    Jessica Says:

    She probably is smoking pot but for F***s sake she 18. Its a time for her to branch out and try these sort of things like many other kids her age. Do i like miley cyrus? Not really, her music isnt for me. Do i agree with smoking pot? eh, its not for me but who gives a crap if someone else does it. is she a role model, maybe. but by the end of the day she’s just an 18 year old girl experimenting like many her age. she shouldnt be held to such high standards. if parent are mad cause their kid just lost hope in their role model, maybe they should be questioning why they arent their own child’s role model in the first place.

  3. 53
    Kara Says:

    Salvia is legal, worst than pot in my opinion but still…it is a drug. A trend in celebrity lifestyle is to be caught up in drug usage, yet it still surprises me she would become involved.

  4. 54
    Person who supports her Says:

    first of all to the 8th comment
    It was her first time cause she didn’t know how to do it. the dude in the video was telling her to inhale and crap.
    The drug was saliva because the person filming the video was Miley so called friend Anna Oliver. she said on her Facebook (before deleting it) that she had given to tmz for $$. And also marijuana didn’t make her go like that… shes just is like that all the time.
    Miley is an amazing person and should be let to live her life as she wants. Because she is in the public eye people expect her to still act like a 12 year old. she is doing a lot of these things because she is upset with her parents divorce… i can understand her pain.
    If you actually see interviews with miley and paparazzi videos you can she is an amazing responsible young woman. She didn’t post this as i said, Anna Oliver did and i think that miley would be a bit more shattered that her so called ‘Friend’ has hurt not only Demi Lovato but her. I wouldn’t expect miley to speak yet.
    If you don’t want your child to look up to her or see this type of controversy then don’t. If you do nothing and they see this then she is not to blame. You are, its called bad parenting

  5. 55
    Concernicus Says:

    She’s a terrible influence.

    She wanted the spotlight and didn’t think through the consequences of actually getting it: she’s now going to be held accountable for her actions on a much grander scale, what with the millions of parents and children watching what she does; and with that comes higher levels of responsibility for the attention she garners by and through those actions.

    All over the world, little adolescent eyes have been watching her and wishing “they could be Miley” because “she’s so cool” and “we love her music.” How much longer until every parent needs to stop buying her music for their kids because they don’t want what she associates wih running into the backs of their kids’ underdeveloped senses of judgement?

    Jesus. Cut the crap, Miley. Use your brain.

  6. 56
    NS Says:

    Duh guys, she was just auditioning for the next installment of the Friday series: “A Week From Next Friday”.

    I think she got the part.

  7. 57
    ari Says:

    Salvia my ass people. come on now, little lady is high as a kite off that Maryjane. All i can say is whoever that “friend” of hers that took the video is swimming in some serious cash, little bastards.

  8. 58
    Megan Says:

    ummmmmmm give her a break, shes 18 years old doing something LEGAL, leave the girl alone, damn. I couldn’t imagine what yall would think if she did crack or something. She’s a normal human-being like the rest of us. Leave the girl alone and let her make her millions. If your kids end up doing something most likely it’s going to be because they want to do it, why aren’t people held accountable for their own actions anymore.

  9. 59
    CandyWarhol Says:

    I think this is very, very disappointing she is sooo much better than that. Is all i’m saying, im not judging her or anything. I know she’s going through a tough time, but turning to a substance or whatever she’s smoking is not the answer. Come on people you know its true, I know she’s had a lot going bad but turning to that is a sign of defeat and or weakness. She’s not doing it for fun, she’s doing it because she needs an escape. From all of this hype and what her parents are going through. I hope you come back Miley and get back to what’s important. Your fans love you so wake up and don’t mope over this sorrow like that. We have one disney star sick we don’t need you sick either. Good Luck.

  10. 60
    MIleysupporter Says:

    Ok, I agree with Kacey. and Susan, your stupid. shes not with Disney anymore, Just saying she quit, ok, so get your facts straight, and Everyone else. OMG! shes a person too! you cant expect her to be little miss perfect, no star is perfect trust me, Get over it. I support Miley 100%

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