Miley Cyrus: Controversial Video Sparks Salvia Ban

December 11, 2010

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Miley Cyrus smoking salvia (allegedly) out of a bong. Even though the substance is currently legal to possess in California the incident has stirred up a heated debate – do state and federal governments need to push for an “outright ban”? Get the scoop below.

I expected this to happen from the moment I watched the now infamous ‘Miley Cyrus Bong Video’. In fact this is probably the chance that CA State Assemblyman Anthony Adams has been waiting for to push his failed bill from 2007 to outlaw the drug back into the spotlight.

According to Perez Hilton, Adams called the Disney starlet irresponsible for using the substance. Why? Because he claims it can cause a person to do “incredibly crazy things”. Also, he elaborated further by saying the starlet’s young fan base might “emulate her behavior”.

Parents across the globe are also concerned about Miley’s influence over their children. As you may recall this isn’t the ‘Party in the USA’ singers first scandal. Some are questioning (TMZ) if Cyrus is a L.I.T. – Lindsay in Training… What do you think?

Another concerned parent is her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. After seeing the video of his daughter partaking in the partakeables yesterday he voiced his concern via Twitter. He wrote, “I’m so sad”.

If Miley was indeed smoking Salvia is it a big deal – yes or no? Also, do you think she is a good influence for kids? Share your answers with us along with anything else that’s on your mind in the comment section.

In other news – Miley is set to star alongside Kelly Osbourne in the upcoming movie ‘So Undercover’. Find out more at Monsters & Critics.

Watch the controversial Miley Cyrus video in its entirety here.

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73 Responses to “Miley Cyrus: Controversial Video Sparks Salvia Ban”

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  1. 21
    hustlin and dealin Says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. If my Miley Cyrus wants to feel like she is hopelessly stranded in a different life in an alternate reality for five minutes I think she has every right to do so. If she get’s addicted to that feeling she was probably really weird in the first place.
    That being said it was probably weed in the bong, some one probably started the salvia rumor so the feds could have a new push to ban it. If it was just weed that ok to weed is pretty harmless as far as drugs go.

  2. 22
    Be Says:

    Don’t attack her as if you don’t know what it means to feel human. She was simply exploring life, just as most humans do. Salvia is an exploration into your perspective of life in it’s most symbolic meanings, and is and would be merely an experience or memory as time passes. Psychedelics have been used for over a millenia as a source of inspiration for the Arts. I’m glad she had friends to celebrate a bond with so that she could enjoy her experience. Only when people are uncomfortable with themselves, their perspective of life, or the unfamiliar ‘chaotic’ stimuli, do psychedelics cause people to do “crazy things”. I am not “advocating” the use of psychedelics, and someone’s curious recreational consumption of an entheogenic psychedelic is not the real problem. The problem would be the ignorance that has shaded that the mind needs to be balanced in order to understand and accept that some people just do these things. The real shame is that nobody should be trying to be like anyone else, and most of those that try Salvia to be like Miley Cyrus will simply learn that once is enough.

  3. 23
    RoninDallas Says:

    I can’t believe the levels of stupidity and IGNORANCE here.
    Do you people KNOW what the Salvia family of plants is?
    It’s SAGE. You know, SAGE? That stuff people use to COOK WITH? Thanksgiving Ring any Bells? What about hot chicken soup in the winter?
    Jesus H Tapdancing Christ. Why not just Ban water? maybe oxygen?
    If you hyperventilate for 30 seconds you’ll get the same results.
    I will agree with parents and not a babysitter
    If you allow your child to watch videos of Miley smoking a bong, what are you gonna do when the next one shows her masturbating. People. Grow a set and BE parents. you pay the bills, you own the computers they use. you dont need to Gov’t to be their parents because as soon as you do; YOU won’t be needed and wont have ANY say in the rearing of your children.

  4. 24
    albert Says:

    salvia? lol.. she smoking a little weed (as people have for tens of thousands of years. its not what we do, generally speaking, but how we do it.

  5. 25
    lovesmileycyrus Says:

    Omg you people back off of her! Stop saying she is a slut! She isn’t and I am a fan of hers.I am 12 and do understand what the bad things she is doing and not to do them. But if you all think she is so bad then why do you keep checking on this if you hate her! You can say what you want but i dont care!

  6. 26
    Jon Says:

    “Really? ANYTHING can be addicitve. Shopping, exercise, drugs, alcohol, food and yes even “natural” substances. Addiction is based on the feeling or euphoria one gets from doing the action. Yes, drugs like heroin and crack have a substantially stronger hold on the physiological aspect of the body but anything can be addictive especially if one has an addictive personality. So to say that salvia is not addicting and non habit forming is what is rediculous and proves your lack of intelligence and GED mentality. Educate yourself before opening your mouth. You won’t make such a fool of yourself next time. Good luck getting out of high school. It’s apparent it is kicking your ass.”

    I had to respond to this just because of how cruel natured it comes off as. You have a point but it would help alot if you calmed the awful insults down please, they are not needed at all.

  7. 27
    Nathan Lee Says:

    Of all things, her smoking it might cause a ban on a shrub that’s been legal to smoke since forever and has no known toxicological or long term side effects. And I doubt anyone could get addicted to that crap, and no scientific study has found it to be addicting.

    Banning it would be asnine as it’d just send people who smoke it to smoke it underground. There’s not going to be too much of a underground for it. This stuff is completely non-addictive.

    It’s disgusting really, all it does is give people weird trips.

  8. 28
    eeenok Says:

    basically the usual hypocrisy over what is not a particularly harmful drug. the reports of salvia’s extreme freaky effects are really about people using extremely concentrated forms. if you’re smoking unenhanced leaf, salvia is not only quite mild, it’s also a pretty unpleasant (IMO, vile) smoke, so i agree with the commenters who think she’s probably smoking cannabis. what we SHOULD be concerned about is someone that young engaging in substance abuse whether it’s alcohol or tobacco or whatever, but at her age she’s on the cusp of whether some experimentation is arguably ok, rather than it being a simple black and white issue the moralizers try to make everything in their philosophical unsophistication. the hyperbolic alarm that she’s using (OMG) a “drug” drug is just the usual hyperventilation over people using different substances (or practices) than what your own little culture is happy with

  9. 29
    Serp Says:

    About the addiction issue. There’s physiological substance related addiction such as say, alcohol and then there’s personality/psychological addictions like say, gambling.

    As far as the comment about it being part of the sage family is irrelevant. First of all the family isn’t Salvia, it’s Lamiacea. The family that mint plants fall under. That’s still means nothing since sage used for cooking isn’t the same plant as the one used for recreational drug use.

  10. 30
    Your Government Says:

    Like all substances such as marijuana and stuff, salvia is the most dangerous drug in the world. It does not come from sage, your eyes are lying. Only alcohol is safe for everyone above 21. It is good for you. Just go to work, pay more taxes, and try to not have any type of fun, as this is also hazardous to your health.

    Trust us, we are the government.

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