Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth KISSING !

June 6, 2007

Here are the pictures of Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth kissing before lunch. Normally dessert is saved for last, but these Hollywood actresses like to spoil themselves with mouth-to-mouth afternoon delights rather than the usual fork-to-mouth guilty pleasures. See the sexy photos!

Obviously there is nothing necessarily naughty when two girls share what looks in the picture to be a lesbian kiss. Are Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler a “kissing lesbians” couple or just two friends who say hello in unusual ways?

The evidence contained herein the images is not enough to conclude one way of the other, but I suppose that anything is fashionable in Hollywood.

More kissy girl pictures and a video below the jump.

And we can’t forget this sexy video of Liv Tyler sharing a lesbian kiss with Kate Hudson.

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