Kate Gosselin Lawsuit: Jon Gosselin Sued for Child Support

December 6, 2010

Kate Gosselin is suing Jon Gosselin for child support and let me just say it is a hefty amount. So is Jon behind or is Kate just being the greedy diva we all know she is? Keep reading and you can learn all about the latest drama between the former spouses.

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Jon Gosselin is being sued for child support by Kate Gosselin whose lawsuit is claiming Jon owes her $125,000 for their kids of course. In Touch Weekly is claiming to have a source that insists this is just another one of the diva’s ways of controlling things. That same source insists Jon has paid some of what the court ordered but since TLC is limiting the amount of money he can earn the $22,000 a month court order payments are too much for the struggling once reality TV star.

Personally I think this is just another way for Kate to stay in the spotlight and try to get people to like her even though we all know she is a biotch! She uses those kids to get back at her ex as well as keep her 15 minutes of fame. Don’t get me wrong Jon is no prize either he is just as much of a fame whore as his ex-wife is and will too use the kids or anyone else to gain attention.

Does Kate Gosselin have a lawsuit suing Jon Gosseling for child support? Yes she does but is it warranted? Well that depends on if you are on Team Kate or Team Jon. I for one am not on either team. I think this whole thing is ridiculous. They should each just move on with their life and do what is best for those kids. It is not like Kate is going to be out on the streets maybe she just needs to actually spend some of the money she makes on her kids. Jon needs to start focusing on his children too, get a job where you can support your kids and stop whining about how TLC is preventing you from working. Those poor kids that is all I can say.

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16 Responses to “Kate Gosselin Lawsuit: Jon Gosselin Sued for Child Support”

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  1. 1
    Frann Says:

    It is the law that Jon has to pay child support. I know he is to famous to work up this point, but the judge will inform him of his obligation to those kids. What idiots thinking Kate should support them by herself because she brings home hefty paychecks. God, some of you people can be such idiots.

  2. 2
    akayla dwyer Says:

    no i didnt mean it like that but she is such a drama queen

  3. 3
    meko Says:

    why 22,000 a month……why is “her kids” money running out on her…well maybe she should cut back on fake hair and tanning

  4. 4
    victoria Says:

    Kate is hungry for money again!! she was on The TODAY show lying again, she’s good at that. I think kate wants publicity and attention, kate likes her made up face splatterd all over the tabloids. I think kate owes jon $$$$$$$ for blaming him for everything & getting paid to criticize him on national t.v. (TODAY show) (ENTERTAIMENT TONITE) ect. I think kate likes kissing TLC’s a** so that they could help her hire top notch lawyers to get at jon, because TLC is still pissed at jon. kate is a bad role model for her kids. thats why her kids have emotinal problems. I think kate is schizophrenia.

  5. 5
    suebonnet Says:

    JON NEEDS TO PAY HIS CHILD SUPPORT. He spent money on Hailey with rings, trips and cars and had a good old time. I have no SYMPATHY for Jon. If he doesn’t pay put his azz in JAIL. Jon can get a different kind of job but he doesn’t want to. He should be made to put gas in the Van and pay for the kids Medical too just like a lot of other dads.

  6. 6
    anon Says:

    @suebonnet:LOL!! Kate should get off her fat arss and support Jon like he supported her when they were married. She is fricken loaded and sleeps with purse boy Steve when the kids are in bed. What bodygaurd sleeps in the basement of a married women’s house??? Queen Kate got up at 8:30 am. and Jon brought her coffee for her every morning while poor Jon had to take care of the kids before he went to work. Watch the shows before you make ridiculous comments. Mady told her she was the “queen bee, sitting on her chair bossing everyone around.” Guess you didn’t see that show either. Your a flippin man hater and it doesn’t matter what you say, the Gosselin kids will always love their Dad. Kate loves herself!!!!!

  7. 7
    s Says:

    Um.. it’s the law. The author of this post is uninformed at best. Regardless of how much money everyone speculates she makes, regardless of how much people like her (and I’m with you; she’s .. um .. difficult), child support exists for the kids and must be paid. It’s calculated based on actual and prospective income of the payor, as well as the expenses incurred by the children (school, activities, daycare). Oh, and another thing, she doesn’t have to justify what she spends it on. It’s just the way it works in the family court system. And there’s a reason this is the case; it’d be madness otherwise. So most of these comments are baseless and moronic. If a judge were to get wind of either one of them ignoring the child support obligation (payee or payor), s/he’d be pissed. And it’s because someone has to advocate for the kids. Anyway.. my two cents.

  8. 8
    anon Says:

    @s Says: your comment is moronic and so is the judge. Kate’s kids work to support her!!! That’s the digusting thing about the whole situation. If she got a job like Jon and supported her kids then I agree. My three cents.

  9. 9
    Katie Says:

    OH PLEASE gimme a freakin break already. Khate G will DO ANYTHING to keep her name out of there. She is the biggest PIG and lying narcissist out there. Do you honestly think if Jon owned that much cash that he would have have been sued 10 times over by now? What a mess

  10. 10
    Joan Says:

    Wow, where is this douche gonna get that much cheddar? Better get back to work as an IT guy–even then that is a tall order.

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