Brooke Hogan’s New Fashion Statement: Reverse Cutoffs

June 5, 2007

Instead of chopping off the lower leg part of your jeans, just cut off the thigh, crotch and ass, and viola! You’ve got yourself a new pair of shorts! A clothing item that should never be donned on a commando day. Or perhaps those are the Wal-Mart variety discount bike chaps?

This isn’t the first peek we’ve had of Brooke’s undies on stage. Nor is it the first outfit she’s worn that looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

Her fashion sense is seriously misguided and sorely needs some direction. It’s not just the brief ensembles she wears, but the hair, the makeup…it all looks trashy. How can anyone focus on her “music” when a they are looking at a fashion train-wreck?

Yep, Brooke definitely looks like she belongs on the back of a Hog with a 450 pound guy nicknamed Tiny who has a beard-lice problem.

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