Holly Eglinton on the ‘Naked News’ (Videos)

June 4, 2007

Continuing our coverage of new trends in celebrity fashion and style, here are videos and photos of Holly Eglinton and other finalists for the ‘Naked News’ talent search. Holly beat out all the competition to appear nude most of the time on television.

Our unabashed winner is 31 years old from Vancouver Canada.

Here is a video of 22 competitors for the job. If this will not get you to pay attention to serious news stories than nothing will get the job done.

Naked News Talent Search

Read more about the porn effect on TV which suggest that all of this good fun is a bad thing.


Here are clips from the show itself in which hot babes do interviews in the streets and read the news, you know, just like Katie Couric.

Another Naked News Video

And here is another clip just for you.

Holly Eglinton

Lastly see the photos of Valentina Elizabeth, Kortney Kaiser and Holly Eglinton which you can click to enlarge.

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