Spicy Posh at the MTV Movie Awards 2007

June 4, 2007

VictoriaPoshBeckham is looking sexy, I didn’t know she actually went blond. I guess I missed that one..forgive me folks. I was looking for some hot spicy Posh news and read that Gordon Ramsay was raising two lambs for his Channel 4 show ‘The F Word’ and the former Spice Girl on Posh’s 17-acre estate, because grass feeding resources were low on Gordon’s property in London.

Well one of his pet lambs has been killed by what is believed to have been a big cat , like a puma or panther. Several big cats are thought to roam wild in the area after escaping from private zoos.

Locals claim to have spotted a “black puma or panther-like beast” bigger than a Labrador in the local countryside.

The “pet lamb” was named after singer Charlotte Church and was found dead in a pasture at ‘Beckingham Palace’, the bones licked clean and only it’s head left.

Well who else can say that they have Pumas, Panthers and pet lambs in their garden ? – Only in the crazy celebrity world, on second thought, a pet lamb is still better then Michael Jackson’s monkey bubbles…

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