Fashion – A Marco Vivanco Photoshoot

June 4, 2007

When it comes to fashion the Italians have their own bizarre styles. I’m not a fan of those skinny models, but I thought this photo shoot was interesting. The latest news from the fashion world:

With the Italians it’s all in the family. Did you know that all of the fashion names, from Armani to Versace, are all privately held ? OK there is one exception and that is Bulgari.

Well all this is about to change. The Italian fashion houses are considering initial public offerings, in spite of the of the many different rival companies that took the stock market plunge. Armani showed the market that you don’t need a public listing to launch global brands successfully. The company has a private label and intends to stay private.

Permira, a UK-based buy-out firm, placed a bid for Valentino, the Italian maker of evening gowns for celebrities, and Hugo Boss the German side of the house. Permira had already bought 29.6 per cent of Valentino(owned by the Marzotto family) Friday, it struck a deal to buy a further 10.8 per cent from one branch of the Marzotto family and agreed to a bond that can be exchanged into a 12.4 per cent stake in Valentino. This gives them majority control of Valentino in deals worth some 500 million euros ($672 million)…

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