Ainett Stephens sexy Showgirl (video)

June 3, 2007

Ainett Stephens (Caracas, Venezuela, born January 28th 1982) is a model and Venezuelan showgirl especially known in South American and Italy, where she has lived for the past couple of years.

She has dark hair and dark eyes and is currently studying Journalism at the Catholic University in Milan. She had participated in the 2000-2001 at the Miss Venezuela beauty contest, placing fourth. In the same year, she posed for a calendar that immediately became famous in America. She donated the money she received from posing for the calendar and donated it to the Amazon people.

In the video below, Aiinett looks very sexy moving and dancing to Latin music:

In the video below she is in Italy on the famous show “Buona Domenica” smoking hot and very sexy on a surfboard:

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