Lindsay Lohan’s Suicide Death Wish? (Photos)

June 3, 2007

Here are the sad photos of Lindsay Lohan’s suicide game with a friend. In these pictures she is playing with knives, pretending with a friend to slash her throat and breasts in a sick feint to end her life. Can the death of Lindsay Lohan be far away? Please get some help, girl.

Meanwhile the Star is reporting that she attempted suicide twice, and has been taking downers and using cocaine.

A close friend tells Star that during an emotional meltdown in New York City in the weeks before her May 26 bust, Lindsay screamed that she just wanted to end it all — and tried.

“Lindsay’s on a reckless road right now,” declares another friend. “We’re all afraid she’s going to end up dead soon.”

Reports are that she was cutting her wrists with a knife in one of her suicide attempts.

Lindsay Lohan appears to be spiraling out of control, ever downward, so we can only hope that rehab will pull her away from an eventual early death. She appears to be crying for help and there is nobody to help her. I was struck at the images of Lindsay getting driven to rehab by her lawyer. If a lawyer is the closest person to help you in such a personal moment of crisis, I think the odds are against a recovery.

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