Chelsea Noble is a Foxy Wife (Photos)

June 2, 2007

Here are foxy photos of Chelsea Noble who is the wife of actor Kirk Cameron from the television series ‘Growing Pains’. Both Chelsea and Kirk were co-stars on the hit TV show. They married in 1991 and have 6 children included 4 adopted kids!

chelsea noble
Chelsea Noble (More Photos Below)

Chelsea and Kirk Cameron are devout Christians who turned away from the wild party life of most Hollywood actors and actresses. Before settling down with Chelsea, he dated Jami Gertz, Leanna Creel, and hot actress Alyssa Milano. Now her husband plays in low budget Christian movies and television programs and he hosts a radio show devoted to religion.

She co-founded Camp Firefly/The Firefly Foundation, which sponsors camping trips for terminally ill children & their families.

That is so cool. Chelsea Noble is totally cute and hot, but not in a cheap way, and that is why I want you to see her photos. She still takes a great picture at age 43!

chelsea noblechelsea noblechelsea noblechelsea noblechelsea noble
Chelsea Noble Pictures

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3 Responses to “Chelsea Noble is a Foxy Wife (Photos)”

  1. 1
    pam drexler Says:

    kirk and chelsea,

    I was at Callaway Gardens last weekend when they had to Masters Waterski Tournament. I was wondering when you will be at Callaway for your camp Firefly. Was wanting to bring my little 6 year old, Lauren Kate to visit you both. My two brothers have met you previously at Callaway. One of my brothers use to waterski in their ski shows before they discontinued the ski shows at Callaway.

    I live in Birmingham, Al. and was wondering if you guys could ever do a guest appearance on the “RICK AND BUBBA” talk radio show. They are a secular radio show but they are always spreading the message of Jesus to their radio listeners. Their website is Check it out!

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