Mary Kate Olsen does You Magazine

June 8, 2007

Mary Kate Olsen in You Magazine looks almost normal. Ok, she looks very good. She is a young girl who looks like an old lady. I like The Olsen Twins … I don’t know why…But I think they are special in some strange way… So, Here Mary K looks healthy and pretty. I don’t have any idea if they photoshopped her pictures, but I like this Romantic Photoshoot.

Some interesting quotations in the interview:

You Mag: What inspires your style?

Movies and photography from 60s and 70s and not just for my wardrobe – my homes in L.A and New York are designed with those eras in mind.

I don’t consider myself a trendsetter. I just try to have fun with fashion and dress to it my mood.

Well, sometimes she’s really depressed

YM: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ashley and I have been interested in fashion since we were very young, so we feel fortunate to have been able to create our own ranges of clothes. We have designed for children, women, affordable end high end, and that’s been a great achievement. I’d like to do more film work, but my ultimate goal is to find and keep happiness and a balance in my life.

I hope you can find it, Mary Kate

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One Response to “Mary Kate Olsen does You Magazine”

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    beth Says:

    How’d they get the crazy look out of her eyes?