Jessica Alba Pics from Parade Magazine

June 1, 2007

Jessica Alba is in the new issue of Parade magazine this month.

She recounts her determined rise to Hollywood success in an exclusive interview with,
revealing her love of scotch, golf and board games and her frustrations with the darker side of fame.

Here is an extract from the interview:

“Sometimes I like to go out, but usually after work I just go home, take a bath, watch movies. Instead of going out, I’d rather have my friends over and play games at my house—stupid games like charades or Pictionary or Monopoly. Or maybe Between the Sheets—it’s an easy way to win your money back when you’ve lost it all in poker.�?

Read the rest on

What to say? She looks pretty good, if a bit on the boring side.

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    Sujet’s Flashback with Jessica Alba » Right Celebrity Says:

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