Pamela Anderson’s Boobs Expand on TV

May 31, 2007

Yeah, that’s what Pamela Anderson thinks. She says that she doesn’t even recognize her augmented boobs on screen because they look sooo much bigger. Oh brother!!

“I think my breasts expand on TV. I swear I don’t feel that big. When I look at them on TV, I think, ‘Who is that?’ It’s all lighting.”

The lighting? Um, that’s a new one. What do you think the lighting does for the photo of Pam above? Heh heh.

Pammie recently told Closer magazine that she does not diet or exercise…

“My kids keep me in shape. I play every sport with them. Football, basketball, baseball – I’m always outside and on the beach, and in the water. I’m vegetarian, but I don’t go to the gym and I don’t diet.”

Pamela and her ex-husband, rocker Tommy Lee, have two boys – Brandon is 10 and Dylan is 9. Pam says tat her boys are “wild” but blames it on the genes…

“My boys are wild but considering their gene pool, they’re not too bad! They’re definitely not angels but they’re great to be around!”

Yeah, I’d like to see how these boys turn out when they grow up, don’t you?


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2 Responses to “Pamela Anderson’s Boobs Expand on TV”

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