Paris Hilton’s Cell Mate is Chosen

May 31, 2007

Wow, I bet you didn’t even know that if you were going to jail that you could have your cell mate “hand picked”? Geez, being a socialite certainly gives you perks, doesn’t it? Paris Hilton gets her sentence knocked down to 23 days, she gets a special panic device if another inmate threatens or harasses her, and now her cell mate gets specifically chosen for her. According to BANG Showbiz, officials chose an inmate who is serving a sentence for reckless driving. They thought that this inmate also wouldn’t be interested in selling her story to the tabloids. Yeah right!

The Correctional Facility where Paris will be staying at will do a search for any electronic devices, so that images of Paris in jail will not be leaked…DARN!! That would be a nice pricey picture for the paps, eh? Apparently staff at the facility have been told if anyone is caught taking pictures of Paris, they will be fired!

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