Nelly Furtado meets 6 Year Old Child Prodigy Ethan Bortnick

May 31, 2007

Nelly Furtado & Ethan Bortnick
6 Year Old Child Prodigy Ethan Bortnick Opens for Nelly Furtado on Her Tour Kickoff

Nelly Furtado meets Ethan Bortnick. Ethan Bortnick will open the concert for Nelly Furtado on Her Tour Kickoff. Who is Ethan Bortnick you may ask? Ethan Bortnick was born December 24, 2000. He started reading at the age of two and speaks Russian and English. At age four he began studying with Mila Vaserstein. I first saw him on the Jay Leno Show and was quite impressed. I mean he couldn’t even reach the pedals from the piano..

Ethan plays Jazz, Classics, Children’s Music, Folk Songs and Much more. He is an incredible artist, composer, performer, and a sweet little boy. Ethan memorized almost 200 songs and plays both by ear and by reading the music. Ethan has “perfect” pitch, where he can repeat any note or sets of notes that are played on the piano by ear. He regularly performs at various events and continues to inspire kids and adults everywhere. Notable performances include various public events such as, Bank Atlantic Center, Ritz Carlton – West Palm Beach for Kids in Distress, Parenting Magazine Events, “First Fridays�? at the Piano Music Center, Jazz Festival in Steinway Miami, Jazz Festival in Palm Beach, CBS 4 News, and the CBS Early Show

You can read more about Ethan Bortnick at his official website

Here is the Video from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

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