Brett Favre Voicemails For Jenn Sterger, Not Photos?

October 25, 2010

Finally some truth in the scandal! Though he still denies the lewd pictures, the Brett Favre voicemails to reporter Jenn Sterger are apparently confirmed. All the juicy details with videos and more photos, keep reading below.

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This whole thing happened a couple years ago, but he is in some hot water now over violating the NFL’s code of conduct. Now it is one thing when rumors go around, but now we have breaking news from the man in question saying he did act inappropriately.

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Now back to the drama with the football player, Jenn Sterger and the poor wife Deanna. The news of this came out a few weeks ago and for a while we weren’t hearing much. Well last Tuesday he had to talk to the vice president of security Milt Ahlerich in accordance with the rules. That is when we heard he is admitting to leaving the messages, but not that he sent any indecent images to her.

I wonder how things will work out for his career, Jenn Sterger’s and the marriage. Can you believe the Brett Favre voicemails are true? Be sure to leave me your thoughts after you check out these other pictures and video where you can hear the messages.

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Photos:, PNP, Benjamin Solomon, Aaron D. Settipane

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One Response to “Brett Favre Voicemails For Jenn Sterger, Not Photos?”

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    Rachelle Says:

    I stil think he sent the photos but will never admit it.