First Lady Laura Bush Honored by the Sesame Workshop

May 30, 2007

First Lady Laura Bush Honored by the Sesame Workshop at its Fifth Annual Benefit Dinner - Arrivals

May 30, 2007 – Cipriani
New York City, New York United States

Now, I have always wanted to meet Elmo.. You gotta love him, I have to tell Elmo thank you one of these days… When my daughter was 2 she wanted to watch Elmo over and over again, so while she was watching Elmo I could enjoy my coffee and read about the latest fresh gossip in Hollywood.

From the Whitehouse Press Release:

Ms Bush’s Remarks

Sesame Street and I go back a long way — not as early as Luma, I’ll have to say, but I often watched the show with my daughters Barbara and Jenna when they were little. I remember once especially, when Jenna was just a baby, one year old maybe, I was sitting at my desk, and she was sitting on the floor in front of Sesame Street, and a very simple, very charming lesson came on to count just one, two, three, with a ball that jumped at every count of one, two, three, and really very effective music. And Jenna watched this little segment on Sesame Street, and then turned to me with a very knowing look, like, wasn’t that amusing?

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