Lindsay’s Car Parts For Sale on Ebay. Blow Sold Separately

May 29, 2007

If I wrapped my car around a tree could I make money off the scattered parts?

Probably not. But I’m not Lindsay Lohan, and I don’t drive a Mercedes (or anything remotely close to the vicinity).

But wreckage from Lindsay’s wreck? It’s currently up to 28 bids and $800 on Ebay You can see it at here.

The seller writes:

This is not a joke. It’s just Hollywood Memorabilia for those who are interested in such things. Given that Lindsay’s car accident was a one vehicle incident, there is no doubt that these fragments were from her vehicle.

Any chance bidders will receive a special white residue on their auto wreckage?

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3 Responses to “Lindsay’s Car Parts For Sale on Ebay. Blow Sold Separately”

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    Celeb Warship - Taking aim at everyone. Daily Link Dump at Says:

    […] Parts of Lindsay Lohan’s smashed car are currently up for bid on eBay. [RC] […]

  2. 2
    Lindsay Lohan Crash Site… » Right Celebrity Says:

    […] Can’t do much about covering up the facts, can we now? First the items from the crash go on ebay and now the tour bus full of gawkers. Sheesh. I’m wondering if this second stab at rehab will […]

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    Jerry Cowen Says:

    I see that this post is in the same classification as my blog. Well it just proves the old saying that “If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong”..