Mario Sepulveda: Chilean Miner ‘Super Mario’ (VIDEO)

October 14, 2010

Mario Sepulveda is the Chilean miner now being called ‘Super Mario.’ His over the top personality has taken the global media by storm. See the video of his post rescue antics here.

There was at least one man keeping it lighthearted 2000 feet below the Atacama Desert. His personality stood out among the other 32 men to such an extent that he became known as their unofficial leader.

‘Super Mario,’ as he is now known, was even given the task of narrating many of the subterranean videos that worked their way around the world. ‘The Presenter’ as he was called in Chile, now famously ended one of his videos with the phrase ‘Over to you in the studio.’

With the imminent danger over with, the media will no doubt begin to work some of the more vocal men into caricatures of themselves. Mario is the obvious front-runner, perhaps followed by Edison Pena the Elvis obsessed miner who requested that a picture of the sun be sent down during their captivity.

But it’s Mario Sepulveda who seems to be the most media-savvy, and for me, the best candidate for a United States media tour. I mean, who spends nearly seventy days trapped underground, only to emerge, briefly hug his wife, then distribute souvenir rocks to those at the surface? (see that hilarious video below).

Aside from his outstanding attitude, Mario managed to bang out a quote that has become anthemic of their plight. Though it doesn’t translate that well to English, it goes something like this:

“I was with God and with the devil, and God took me.”


“I was with God and I was with the devil. They fought me, and God won.”

More importantly, he is quoted as pleading with the media to not romanticize their ordeal too much. He specifically asked them not to treat them as artists or what he calls ‘show business figures.’

It remains to be seen what the next step will be for La trienta y tres (The 33), but I’m hoping it includes some camera time for Super Mario.

Check out the video of Mario Sepulveda, the Chilean miner with spunk below.

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2 Responses to “Mario Sepulveda: Chilean Miner ‘Super Mario’ (VIDEO)”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    That guy’s hilarious! It must have been great to have him down there to keep everyone’s spirits up.

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    Wow! Amazing that he was able to be upbeat in light of the situation. He truly is Super Mario!