Sarah Streeter: Rod Stewart’s Daughter

October 8, 2010

Who is Sarah Streeter? She is the eldest daughter of Rod Stewart. The legendary singer gave her up for adoption when he was in his teens, but ever since the death of her adopted mother the two have become closer. Find out more below.

Rod Stewart

By taking a single glance at Sarah Streeter and her biological father Rod Stewart you can immediately tell that they are family, but despite the risk of stating the painfully obvious the rock star introduced her as his eldest daughter to attendees at a backstage celebration after a recent concert. I can only imagine that, as simple as these words might be, Streeter has been waiting to hear them her entire life.

In the ‘60s the “Maggie May” singer had a sweetheart named Susannah who was an art major. He got her pregnant and for various reasons the couple was forced to give the baby up for adoption.

It wasn’t until the ‘80s that the father and daughter reunited for the first time in almost 20-years. Yet it is just in recent years that the two have began forming a relationship, according to the (you can find pictures of the rocker’s daughter at –

In regard to her flourishing relationship with her dad Sarah Streeter said:

“At the moment it’s all baby steps, but whatever issues were there have all been forgotten, for both of us. It’s all water under the bridge now. It’s nerve-racking, too, but just as much so for him as it is for me.”

This is the most interesting aspect of this entire thing – Streeter will be nearly 5 decades older than Rod’s youngest child when it’s born, and she is also 8 years older than the child’s mother, Penny.

As far as a biography is concerned, currently there is very little information available about Sarah Streeter, but keep checking back because we are constantly updating as stories develop.

Check out a pictures (click on pics to enlarge) and a video below.

Penny LancasterRod Stewart

Photos: Forsyth/The Media Circuit

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