Jessica Alba is super-goofy

May 28, 2007

Jessica Alba does InStyle magazine. And she said that People think she’s just a sexy girl. But She’s is really goofy – like super-goofy. Well, I think she’s really cute but I don’t understand all the attention that she has … sometimes she can be very boring. But these pics are funny, she looks pretty, I love her smile. The cover is a really fresh photo and she looks beautiful when she doesn’t try too hard be sexy. Because in my opinion she’s not sexy at all.

Jessica said in the interview:

I’m not the easiest person to hang with all the time. I’m away a lot, and It’s an unconventional life. But If I could ffind a patner, that would be best. I probably won’t have kids without one. You never know what life is going to bring. But I definitely want kids. For sure.

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