Diana Taurasi Nude ESPN Photos!

October 4, 2010

WNBA player Diana Taurasi’s nude ESPN magazine cover photo is causing quite the controversy for the star athlete. You can learn what all the drama is about plus see the much talked about picture of Diana too. There is a also a video for you to check out of the basketball player doing her thing on the court.

Diana Taurasi

The Diana Taurasi nude ESPN magazine photo is very steamy! Taurasi bares it all for the cover of the The Body Issue for the sports magazine. The picture is so tastefully done and of course has all her parts that shouldn’t be seen are covered.

Although I think the cover is awesome not everyone is happy the WBNA superstar, who has been called the best woman basketball player alive, is posing sans clothes for the magazine. There are some people who believe that women athletes such as Diana should be drawing attention to their athletic accomplishments not their bodies by posing or appearing in the buff.

You can check out the picture here.

Personally I think women athletes who have bared it all like Amanda Beard have clearly been acknowledged for their athletic talent that is what got them in the spotlight in the first place. If they are secure enough to pose in their birthday suits more power to them it doesn’t make them any less talented in their careers. Especially since most of the time the shots they pose for are very tasteful which in my book is what it is all about being tasteful not skanky.

She is the latest woman athlete to bare it all and I have to say the Diana Taurasi’s nude ESPN magazine cover photo is gorgeous. Those are my thoughts on this hot topic now let me know what you think about Diana and women athletes in general baring it all.

Diana Taurasi 2Diana Taurasi 3

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One Response to “Diana Taurasi Nude ESPN Photos!”

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    Jeanette Says:

    I think the pic is tastefully done and she looks gorgeous! And her hair! Who knew that behind that tight pulled back ponytail look of hers was this gorgeous mane of hair?