Isabel Lestapier Winqvist quits as Miss Sweden

May 28, 2007

Isabel Lestapier Winqvist, Miss Sweden, dropped out of the Miss Universe pageant on the eve of the show. See her photos. Citing pressure from her native homeland of Sweden, Isabel Lestapier Winqvist age 20 says that the beauty pageant is sexist, degrading to women, and prone to sex scandals.

What is degrading to women is someone telling you what you cannot do because you have a beautiful body. If you have a sexy body like Miss Sweden, what is there to be ashamed about? Use it or lose it. Modern feelings about sexuality have no barriers anymore. You can be a oil company executive or a porn star. Or yes, even a Miss Universe contestant. It is your choice. Meanwhile Miss Japan called the Miss Universe Pageant a parade for hookers.

Sweden is way behind the times in this thinking. I read that they do not even allow a swimsuit competition in Sweden anymore. They are angry that Isabel appeared for nude photos in the men’s magazine FHM in their February 2006 issue. Miss Sweden is a dinosaur throwback to the 1970s when the women liberation movement began. Women have won complete liberation already, except that a few like Isabel Lestapier Winqvist want to give ground back to the sexuality moralists. What a mistake!


Isabel, born on 8 May 1987, studied economics and social science at upper secondary school. She studied at ProCivitas Private Gymnasium and graduated with top grades. Her passion is to write and wants to study journalism in the future.

Isabel won the Miss Sweden pageant in her home town, Helsingborg, after several months of a recruitment process. She is the second delegate to be elected by the Panos Emporio Corporation. The competition was televised in eight countries, and therefore all the contestants spoke English. She was crowned on 21 April 2007 by her precursor, Josephine Alhanko, who was semi-finalist at the Miss Universe 2006 pageant, held in Hollywood.

Isabel dropped out of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant because Swedes say the Miss Universe competition is degrading to women and weighed down by scandals.


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4 Responses to “Isabel Lestapier Winqvist quits as Miss Sweden”

  1. 1
    Sweden needs to look beyond Nya Fröken Sverige as a beauty pageant at Cheryl Marie Cordeiro Says:

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  2. 2
    Maria Says:

    Well it wasnt the nude pics in general that people disapproved of. It was that she has been in a chauvanistic and female degreading magazine like FHM that was the problem. And I personally cant say that Miss Universe or a contest like Miss Sweden shows the most beautiful women. Tall, huge boobs and really thin body isn’t the most beautiful for me anyways. And bathing suit competition is really a bad and degreading competition for women to be in. So I think its a good choice. I think there is more things then looks that should make someone “Miss Sweden”.

  3. 3
    Pauli Says:

    What really annoys me is the fact that people talk so much b*s*! If you’ve ever met Isabel you would know that the organization would be very lucky if she would have decided to stay with them! What I find a disgrace is that people still in this time can’t handle a confident intelligent woman, especially if she is good looking! PLEEEEAAAASE get over it and please realise that even though you are intelligent some people decide to do things that might be considered a bit controversial! Not everyone finds showing of our body a stupid, embarrasing move!!!!

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    Love Helsingborg Says:

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