Jessica Simpson is jealous of Ashlee

May 27, 2007

Jessica Simpson is reportedly jealous of Ashlee. Apparently Jessica is so unhappy because her younger sister Ashlee is more famous than her. Ashlee,who changed her appearance last year with a nose job and weight loss, now looks hotter than Jessica. Well, maybe all the problem is that Ashlee’s nose job looks better than hers… Ha!

Jessica was always seen as the bigger star, but now Ashlee is taking over. There’s certainly a sibling rivalry between them.

Bigger star? When? Jessica can’t sing, act or think… Give me a break!


I think Ashlee looks great now, ok. I think all the jealous problem is because Ashlee has a successful music career and now she’s a paparazzi favorite. She is dating Pete Wentz and has become a regular on the Los Angeles party scene. Ashlee is a Big Star now?… I don’t think so, she just looks better. Jessica needs an Stylist, good projects… and a BRAIN. By the way, I think this isn’t a new… just mere speculation.

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3 Responses to “Jessica Simpson is jealous of Ashlee”

  1. 1
    Vylette Says:

    I think Ashlee Simpson is prettier and smarter then Jessica!!! Ashlee also has better taste in music, clothing, hair colors etc. unlike Jessica she has such bad taste in men, hair styles etc. why does Jessica continue to be all western that’s odd considering that she lives in Beverly Hills and all. I guess Jessica idol is President Bush!!! It’s no wonder Ashlee is embrassed to hang with her older sis I would be to if I had a wanna be brainless styless sibling! Ashlee did good just used her idiot sister and ex-brother ‘n’ law to get famous.

  2. 2
    Vylette Says:

    I’m happy for Ashlee her life a great and she deserves it. At least Ashlee can still sing!I love Ashlee’s music and style.

  3. 3
    Sammy.. Says:

    Ashlee cant sing…But i like her music..
    Jessica is way prettier then Ashlee, and is a better singer then Ashlee.