Kelly Curtis: Tony Curtis’ Daughter

September 30, 2010

She may not be a household name like her sister but Kelly Curtis is Tony Curtis’ daughter and Jamie Lee Curtis’ sister. You might have heard her name before as she does come from a pretty famous family. Learn more about Kelly which of course includes pictures and video too.

Kelly Curtis

Kelly Curtis is Tony Curtis’ daughter, his oldest child to be exact and today she is mourning the loss of her father with the rest of her family and all the fans who adored him.

In terms of a biography there really isn’t a whole heck of a lot we know about the Santa Monica born Kelly. She is the daughter of Tony and Janet Leigh. She has dabbled a little bit in acting however she didn’t really get involved in show business until her late twenties. Although she appeared in films like Trading Places, The Devil’s Daughter and Checkpoint as well as on TV shows like Judging Amy, Silk Stalkings and The Sentinel her career never seemed to take off like her father’s or sisters did. That being said her last acting gig was actually Judging Amy back in 1999 and since then Kelly has worked as Jamie’s assistant on movies such as Freaky Friday and Christmas With The Kranks. Wow talk about a family business!

Kelly hasn’t just done behind the scenes work for her little sister, nope she also worked as a technical advisor on the hit movie Almost Famous plus she was an associate producer on one of my all time favorite movies Singles.

Like so many who loved him today Kelly Curtis, Tony Curtis’ daughter, along with her three younger sisters and one younger brother say good-bye to their famous father. Kelly may not be as well known as her mother, father or sister for that matter but she still seems to have been taken with the family business. Our thoughts go out to Kelly and her family during this time.

Pictures: PR Photos

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6 Responses to “Kelly Curtis: Tony Curtis’ Daughter”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    Thoughts and prayers to all Tony Curtis loved ones!

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family

  3. 3
    MNW Says:

    My prayers and thoughts go out to them

  4. 4
    Miriam Says:

    I didn’t even know he had another daughter

  5. 5
    blondine Says:

    She’s the most beautiful woman in her family. Wonder why she kept such a low profile.
    Wonder even more who wrote this idiotic “article”… an eight-year-old?

  6. 6
    Lynn Says:

    I hope everyone in the Curtis family, and the millions of Tony Curtis fans, can all help keep the Shilo horse rescue ranch going for at least one hundred years. This will help keep Tony Curtis’ memory alive for generations to come. You Tube has ‘The Jill and Tony Curtis Song’ showing Tony, Jill, their rescue horses, dozens of kids really enjoying their presence. Horses have very powerful soul energy. I am sad that Tony is not here to take care of the Shilo horses.