Seth Rogen: Married in the Near Future!

September 30, 2010

Last week, Lauren Miller received a sparkly surprise from her boyfriend of six years, Seth Rogen. ‘Married’ isn’t how many of his fans would have pictured the comedy star, but the funnyman proposed nonetheless and the two will most likely get hitched in the spring. Get the full story, with pictures and video below!

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Both aged 28, the couple has been dating for 6 years and recently slimmed down together for the comedian’s new role in the highly anticipated superhero flick “Green Hornet.” Miller said she was completely surprised by the proposal, which happened just after the couple returned from a trip to Boston.

“He surprised her with the proposal,” a friend of Seth’s told Life & Style. “She’d started giving up hope that he would ever pop the question. Her family adore him, everyone is thrilled to plan a wedding.”

The couple are said to be very excited about the upcoming nuptials! The successful “Pineapple Express” star comedian revealed he was aware how lucky he is to have Lauren last year, saying “I have a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have.”

However, for Seth Rogen, married and settling down doesn’t necessarily mean he’s picturing home videos and family photos with kids in the future. In fact, I’d be surprised if the two ever procreate. The funnyman caved after a promotion for his “Monsters vs. Aliens” movie, and told the world his real opinion on kids.

“Kids like me but when they meet me they’re horrified by me… These guys bring their kids (to screenings) and I kind of resent them,” the actor said after the promotion for the movie was completed. “To me it’s kind of a sacrilegious thing and the kid would cry. It was horrible…Now that the movie’s out and I don’t have to promote it anymore, I can say that I hate children. It’s out, it’s made $60 million. I can say it: I hate kids. If no kid ever came up to me, I would be more than happy.”

At least Lauren knew that before saying ‘yes!’ I’m glad to see the couple are looking at the big picture and taking the next step; they seem really happy together! What do you think of the soon to be Seth Rogen: Married Man? Let me know in the comment section after you check out the photos and video below!

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Photos: Beiny, FayesVision

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3 Responses to “Seth Rogen: Married in the Near Future!”

  1. 1
    Rachelle Says:

    Seth is awesome.

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    He sure is!!

  3. 3
    MNW Says:

    Seth, you sly dog you. I bet nobody expected you to pull a hottie for a wife in high school