Jessica Marotta: Joseph Cerniglia Girlfriend

September 29, 2010

Jessica Marotta is Joseph Cerniglia’s girlfriend allegedly. You may know him as the chef who was on the Kitchen Nightmare show that Gordon Ramsay berated who committed suicide the other day. So who exactly is Jessica and what was her relationship with the married Cerniglia? If you keep reading you can find out!

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On Kitchen Nightmares Gordon Ramsay helped him get his restaurant back on track but apparently it was his personal life in distress. It appears that the married Joseph Cerniglia had an alleged girlfriend, Jessica Marottam however it isn’t quite as scandalous as it sounds even though there is speculation that their relationship could have factored into his death.

There are some sources reporting that it was the alleged affair with Jessica that broke up the marriage of Cerniglia. However there are other reports that Joseph was separated from his wife before he and Jessica began seeing each other. Since neither Marotta nor Cerniglia’s estranged wife are speaking out on the subject we will just have to wait to find out what exactly is the truth. I am sure both ladies have other things on their mind besides answering crazy accusations from the media. Although Jessica’s mother is speaking out about her daughter’s alleged relationship with Joseph and this is what she had to say on the subject.

They loved each other very much. My daughter is devastated.

That being said what we know about Jessica Marotta, Joseph Cerniglia’s girlfriend (alleged)? In terms of a biography there isn’t much known about the 27 year old. We do know she was a pastry chef at Cerniglia’s New Jersey restaurant Campania and that at some point she was supposedly promoted to co-owner. That my friends is pretty much all the details we have about Jessica at his time but make sure to check back because as details arise I will update you. If you have any information please feel free to share.


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