Matthew McConaughey Must be On Drugs….

May 26, 2007

I just know he is high, just look at Matthew McConaughey in the video below..

Matthew McConaughey isn’t only smoking pot, tanning & exercising on the beach in Malibu, he’s also hard at work filming his latest movie ‘Surfer Dude’. The other day, Matt ran into a swarm of photographers as he was jogging & after finishing his cardio, he went to one of his ‘Bongo’ lessons … nothing separates him from his old friend! If you want a body like Matthew McConaughey, here’s what his routine usually consists of: Yoga, stationary biking, jogging, swimming & jumping rope.

Sand predator Matthew McConaughey was caught exchanging spit in a wild kiss with an unknown actress during a scene for his new film, “Surfer Dude.” . I don’t know why all the women are so hot for him …. you can see the hot picture at TMZ

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