Segway Company Owner Dies, Rides Off Cliff

September 28, 2010

In a sad and ironic end for millionaire philanthropist James Heselden, the Segway company owner dies yesterday after losing control of the X2 Adventure model and falling 30 feet down a cliff face and into a river. He had recently acquired the scooter company and was an avid user of the device. Find out more about Heselden, plus pictures and video below.

Segway  1

The photo above isn’t Heselden, but he was an avid sportsman with the vehicle. James Heselden was widely known as on of Britain’s most generous philanthropists and recently donated £10 Million to the Leeds Community Foundation, brining his total given to that particular organization to £23 Million. Heselden was also an extremely astute businessman, making his first million by patenting an device for creating barricades for combat zones.

“I honestly believe people have a moral obligation to use their wealth to help others,” said Heselden.

He had hoped to revolutionize the image of the Segway when he acquired the company at the end of last year. Sadly, it appears he accomplished his task, just not in the way he had hoped. With the high price tag and limited life already restraining sales, safety concerns are now spreading in the wake of the company owner’s death.

Countering the argument, supporters would point out that bikes and skateboards can be just as dangerous. Still, I think people feel more in control when riding a device powered not powered by a separate power source.

As the Segway company owner dies, he is survived by his wife and children, who say he will be greatly missed as a “much-loved father and husband,” and remembered for his generosity above all else. Tom Riordan, chief executive of Leeds City Council, who worked closely with Heselden, gave a statement following his death.

“Jimi was an amazing man who, apart from being a wonderful success story for Leeds due to his business acumen, was also remarkably selfless and generous, giving millions to local charities to help people in his home city.”

Hearing that the Segway company owner dies while riding one of the devices, do you think the vehicles are safe? Let me know, and send your best to Jimi’s family in the comment section. And check out the cool advances they have made with the device in the photos and video below!

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Photos: Tomaszewski

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